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Structure for Civil Fields

Angola Benguela Stadium, 3672tons

Botswana Kama International Airport Terminal,8700tons

Mali new international airport terminal building 2300tons

Steel Structure for Xian Outer Ring Viaduct

Grenada House of Parliament Project, 5600tons

Weifang Olympic Sports Center, 286994m2

Binzhou Road Transport Bureau Mansion, 1200tons

Morocco Noor Phase III CSP Project
(The largest Solar Heat Project all over the world)

Luneng Dunhuang 40 MW Interconnection Photovoltaic Power Generation Project,7200tons

Sudan Steel Bridge Project,4000tons

Hongtai Mansion

Jiangsu Suqian Grand Theatre,97000 SQM

Steel Structure of Jinan Xiuyuanhe Bridge

Steel Structurefor Xiaoqing River Bridge

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